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Bogner Ski Wear

Bogner ski apparel is both luxurious and sporty, their interpretation styles has been an industry standard for decades. The iconic detailing of a Bogner creates ski wear that is born to ski with an urban lifestyle look.

The continuous development of today’s classics in each new collection reveals jackets and pants that are elegant and feminine, handsome and rugged, thus in keeping with the fashion statement of the brand. In 2023 Bogner continues the current streetwear trend and continues to be a contemporary interpretation of modern ski fashion.

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Bogner Skis Wear Vail
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Hardly any other ski wear brand is as firmly embodied in the culture of skiing in the United States as Bogner. More than any other outerwear Bogner is a symbiosis of sports fashion and a legend for their quality and timeless designs. The Bogner ski jacket is a tribute to this, born in 1957 by Maria creating her first interpretation of the down ski jacket before other labels discovered the style for themselves.

Combining athleticism and luxury Bogner provides the skier a unique look, on and off the slopes as well as in the city. Each new season Bogner combines timeless, sporty style with fashion and function. Their winning formula manifests as premium ski wear suited for the slopes and après-ski.

Experiencing adventure and being inspired by contrasts – that is the core of their new brand FIRE+ICE. The innovation-driven functional clothing from Bogner always powers athletes to peak performance – forever sporty is more than just a motto, it is a feeling. The influence of Maria Bogner’s style ideas on the development of the ski industry can hardly be underestimated. Bogner ski jackets with a prominent ‘B’ to invent branding on ski wear. Equally revolutionary was the styling of the Bogner’s stirrup pants.


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The history of Bogner and FIRE+ICE started in the early 1930s and carries on strong to this very day. An enthusiastic ski jumper and cross-country skier, Willy Bogner Sr and his son the two-time Olympic alpine skier, Willy Bogner Jr, worked with the rest of the family to create one of the most iconic brands in skiing. The innovation-driven functional clothing from Bogner is legendary for powering athletes to peak performance!


With a tribute to the original values the latest version of the classic don ski jackets from Bonger is a modern rebirth of this legendary piece that embodies the current zeitgeist. The combination of their handsome and rugged designs layered in fabrics and construction techniques that are second to none your new Bogner ski apparel will bring you joy for ski seasons to come.


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